My name is Manuel and I’m from Portugal.
I would like to start by saying that your website as been an inspiration for me since I first discovered
it last year. Al the pictures, videos and ideas have been going round around my head… and so I got
to work!
I plan to build 2 tracks.

The first one is already finished and I sent you now some pictures. (I have many more!) It’s an
autocross with a main road on the side.
I used mdf, 2 by 1 meters because that was all the space available in my home office, and copper
tape for the connections. For the controller post I used an old CDR computer case cover.
I also have some 8MB video that I can sent to you if you’d like.

The second one will be a rally/raid track, is still in the drawing part, and when it’s over I’ll send you
the pictures.
Please contact Manuel with any questions or comments