My name is Markus and I´m a Slotfan on Carrera Evolution for years. Always looking at
yours and other websites I was thinking of an own wooden track for a long time. But (as
very often) my problem is: not enough space!
Then I saw Ernst-Peters track in the Netherlands. I liked his idea – Thank you Ernst-Peter
– and decided to build a similar one. But I wanted it to have at least a part of the track for
my Pajero and other Raid Cars. So it ended up with two lanes crossing each other, one
turning into the Raid infield and the other one called Road.
The tracks have a little difference in altitude (50mm on Road and about 100mm on Raid)
and I copied the little river from Luf´s lexan Rally Track. The stones you see are brought
from a valley called Ötztal (pictures as models). I wanted to have a few decorative
background units as wooden fences, gravel bed with curbs (which give a brrrrrb-sound!!)
and the accident-corner etc.
The MDF is a 12mm and the Raid-track built from a 3mm PVC-board, which can be bent
very good. The construction underneath is made of wood, the landscape comes from PU-
foam (as we call it – used for sealing window frames etc.) – but I would not use it again
with the PVC-board – with drying it enlarges and pushes the PVC-board – the slot is not
optimal everywhere…  The little river used to be a bathroom shower-window (4mm) with a
print of photographed river under it.
“Road & Raid” measures 225x66cm and the lanes are only about 4 meters long – a test-
track without timing – just a trying-out-how-to do-it and to take pictures of my collection.
But animated from “Road & Raid” I am working on a 10 meter 2-lane Ninco-Kart-Track
(270x90cm, 16mm MDF to be stored behind a cupboard – report will follow), which also
can be used for the other 1:32 cars
Please contact Marcus with any comments or questions