My name is Mark van Vuuren, I am 31 years old and I am from South Africa, Johannesburg
to be exact, I have been following all the tracks on you web site and was inspired to build
my own wooden, off road track.

This is my first attempt at my own build, it’s about 15 metres in total and takes about 7.3
seconds to complete a lap.

It was built  on one 8x5 board of (what we call Supawood).

I used 9mm supawood to make the actual track. The slots were cut with a Jigsaw as I don’t
have a router and spaced 3mm apart.

I started with it about 5 months ago and still have a long way to go before I will be finished  
with it.

I would really appreciate if you would add my build to your website.

Please see attachment for the photo’s

I hope to keep in contact with you and continue the slot passion, as my next track is
already racing in my head J.... it will be a 3 lane road track done with a router.

Thank you for the inspirational website.
Please contact Mark with any comments or questions