Hello every body

Once upon a time, we (my father and I) discovered your incredible website and we said to
ourselves : We will do it.

So here is our first wooden track.
We made it simple to serial the problems.
We used a plank of 10mm "Medium" : 1,25m/2,35m. Paintings (grey and green) for carpark. The
white stripes are made with a white "Posca" marker. We uses a piece from a powered Scalextric
track to power our track (the connectors are hidden in the small house. The copper stripes are
from Canada.
It took us 4 or 5 week-ends to achieve the track

All the curves are different. Nothing is straight in order that the cars are permanently skidding.
(Your plastic strips were our key tools. Great idea !!! Congratulation yo the inventor)
To protect the cars, the walls of the track are covered with 2cm polystyrene.
We added also a car park with unpowered slots.

We are preparing a second track : a narrow fast track (85cm/250cm) to test different paintings :
painting for black wall, painting of basket-ball soil, ... We will have also 4 crossings and  banked

If you have any question or want any additional photos, please feel free to e-mail us.
Please contact Matthieu with any comments or questions