My name is MAXX and i’m from Germany. 2 years ago, i discovered your great website about
slotracing-tracks from wood. From time to time i visit your site, to find new ideas for our project. Now,
we are going to race on our own new wooden track, and i want to say thanks for your great website,
that gave me so many impressions and ideas for my home-track.

It took more than one year to finish it, but the lot of work has paid off.
Unusually for German tracks is to have a narrow corner in it. We want this feature, to avoid, that one
good driver can drive too much in front. So he has to wait after this narrow corner to pass by slower
cars each round – this feature was inspired from your tracks on your site, especially theTarga Florio

Now, i’m a proud owner of a wood-track too and i hope, you will take a few photos to your website?

The tracks name is Ra-Do- RACEWAY and you will find further information at
and a construction manual to build your own track. (but only in german)
now, i would like to send you new images with pictures with my new background, (cloudy blue
heaven) a adjustable and swichable brake for every driver on top of the power suply units.
also we bulid a scoreboard, to show up rounds and times, without to look on the screen and its
even easier for the spectators to see, whats going on during the race. its a old plate from our
“vehicle registration department”, to show, who comes next. We  “only” need to develop a
interface, that understand the outgoing strings from our time-control.
the screen in front of the drivers is also modified to an touch-screen, so you dont have to have
a race-marshall to control a race-session. You can directly set every modifications directly on
the toch-screen during the race. For long-distance races (six hours and more) we have now a
track-lighting with style from the early 70ties (like le mans), so we can have night-races only
with this lights on the track.
at least, i made on a serval passages new hills and mountains, terraforming is a MUST to have
a realistic scene
Please contact Maxx with any comments or questions