Hi Luf,

Now that I have finally finished my track I have decided to submit it for your website. After
stumbling across your website by accident (was looking for Lancer WRC pics, came across a
review of an AutoArt slotcar on your hill climb) I looked, and looked and decided, yep I can
build one of those. That was 2003. 2005 I started building, and the last week of April 2011 I
finished it! It was almost finished in Feb 09 until we moved house and the new bigger garage
meant only one thing: a track extension was in order! So it went from a 12x6ft 3 lane layout to
a 16x6ft layout with a working pit lane. 9mm MDF and copper tape, with a surface of black
acrylic chalkboard paint. The layout breaks down to 4 tables of 6x4 ft,  with their own fold up
legs, and they are connected electrically to each other by way of a 9 or 15pin D shell plug.  
The race meets with fuel stops really add another dimension to the racing, and is great fun.
Thanks for your website, have gotten so many great ideas from it! Here’s a link to a 5 min clip
of Racer Sideways Daytona Prototype racing held at the end of April11.   


Emu Plains, Australia
Please contact Michael with any comments or questions