my track is finally up and running after a brief foray into HO for a few months. The new
track is now four lanes with lap timing by Carlson hardware and Lap Timer 2000. A
standard Slot It car can make a "good" lap time of about 4.5 seconds. Record so far is
4.22 with some hope of breaking the 4 second mark with track voltage at 9 volts.

The bridge is made of 3/8ths acrylic cut in strips, countersunk and then screwed to a base
piece. This allows for easy removal should the need arise. Cars actually get air time off
the bridge when driven in a counterclockwise direction when looking at the hairpin. It's a
blast! The track also features a Le Mans start which comes in handy for sanding tires and
other testing.
Please contact Michael with any comments or questions