Blue Ridge Raceway  ~  Charles Town, West Virginia
Our little track was built in about 6 weeks time,  thanks in no small part to the talents of my wood working son.
The layout was designed with only three requirements in mind. 1. A long straight, 2. A large radius 'drift' turn,
and  3. A sweeper type turn.  We used 3/4" thick MDF to make three separate tables with the MDF as the top.
 The slots were routed into the table tops. These tables were bolted together to form a big ...    I____I  ....   
that measures 8' on one end, 17'  straight, and 9' on the other end. Track is powered by a 12vdc deep cycle
marine battery that has a trickle charger on it. This battery also powers my backup sump pump. Drivers
stations are standard three terminal post setups with individual directional switches and fuses. PC based lap
timing (LapTimer 2000) using photo sensors under a light bridge built of oak (wood working son... ) with bright
white 12vdc LEDs supplying the light over the photo sensors. We also have 12VDC red / yellow / green LEDS
at both ends of the straights which I hope to soon wire up in conjunction with individual driver station track
power shut off buttons.  The track races equally well in both directions, and I think our big drift turn was a
great idea! It requires an even touch to keep the cars 'on the edge' through the entire drift turn. I learned a
lot building this track and have many ideas for things I would (will) do differently on the next track I build. I
have got some great ideas from seeing other people's tracks, which is why I wanted to share some pictures of
mine.  I hope this may help inspire someone to build a routed track.  Keep it fun!   
Larry ~ Mr56P
Please contact Larry with any comments or questions