After 6 years of use, we've retired our "Downstairs" track and replaced it with a new one.

It's 8ft x 24ft, breaks into two 8ft x 12ft sections for storage. This one was built much lighter (it took 4
guys to move the old track)

Only two squeeze sections and 3" lane spacing where it's parallel. The entire track was routed using the
Lexan strip. We'll be running this track at 11 volts, to see if the racing is any closer. (the old track was
run at 16 volts)

I'm not going to take pictures until the scenery is done, but we did get some video.
The first clip is an
In-Car view of the track. We only had the center lane taped on Saturday
The next clip is from the
end of the "straight", on Sunday, when we had all 5 lanes running
third clip is from the other end of the shop, showing most of the track
NEW VIDEO...the tow truck
Got half the track scenerized...won't be anything fancy because the track is stored away most of the
time, but it does look a bit better
This is where the start and finish line will spreads the cars out a bit before they get to
the squeezes, and it makes for a more exciting finish