The "old" Targa track was nice, but because it was five 4'x8' sections, it was hard to work on without someone to
help me set it up. The other tracks are for
racing, but since I'm obsessed with the Targa Florio, I decided to build a
smaller, permanent Targa where the Hillclimb used to sit.

I wanted the feel of a narrow, hilly road course, with a village at the lowest point of the track. Since passing was
difficult in the real TF, there's only a few good passing areas (none in the village)
This section sits over a stairway, so I had to do the painting on the wall first, then paint this part of the
roadway, tape it and do the scenery before sliding this section into place
The rest of the roadway is routed, cut out, fastened into place and painted
The foundation for the village is added in
Weathering the track and adding the base for the farm. Thanks again to Paul Avis for the farm buildings
Construction comes to a halt while we do some test driving...
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