Work has started on our new Upstairs track...

Trying something different again...since it doesn't take any driving skill to pass someone
on a straight, the two fastest corners and the entire straight will have 1" lane spacing.
At each end the lanes will fan out and the other 2/3 of the track will have parallel lanes
spaced at 3.5". This will force most of the passing onto the twisty infield and the squeezed
straight will allow for a staggered inverse start
I'm hoping by putting the fastest guy at the back, it will be a more interesting race. We
race 10 lap sprints, so it should be pretty challenging
Got the center lane taped's an InCar view in both directions
Elevations won't be as radical as on the Targa. It's a little tougher to crank five lanes, and I'm
doing it all without under-cutting, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far
Next will be the banked corner, then just 2 more sections to join it all up