Here are a few pictures of my routed 3-lane road course.  The track is
16 feet long and 6.5 feet deep at the widest point.  Average lap length
is 60 feet.  Total elevation change is about 20 inches, with nearly
every part of the track rising, falling or cambered in one way or

The track surface is 3/8" MDF, and the entire track is painted using an
oil-based primer mixed with a powdered iron additive, making the entire
track surface attractive to magnets.  The downforce is much less than
plastic track, but still noticeable.  Unlike plastic track, there is no
sudden break-away with magnet cars.  Instead, the painted magnetic
surface allows magnet cars to slide progressively as they approach the
limits of traction, much like a good non-magnet car.

I use the Trakmate timing system, with IR LED's and sensors hidden in
the slot.

So far, the track has proven to be fast, fun and challenging for family,
friends and area racers.
Please email Nils with any questions or comments