Last month I started to construct my 1st. track in MDF. As I have little space the
dimensions of the circuit had to be “very” small (1,44m x 1,22m; board of MDF - thickness
of 16mm). So small ?? yes, it’s possible and it’s fun!!.

As this is a first experience the idea was to make a slot raid circuit, with some obstacles,
type Rally Lisbon-Dakar. In link below you can see all the photos of the “making of”. (You
can use them to put in you site if you want)


The site will be actualized with new photos and text during all phases of the construction
until it be finished. Sorry but, for now, the commentaries and descriptions of the photos
are only in Portuguese.

Many tanks to oldslotracer.com that gave me the reason, the force and many ideas to
start this project.

Best Regards

Nuno Manuel Coutinho

Lisbon - Portugal
Please contact Nuno with any comments or questions