This is Paul's first wood track. It's basically a test track (some test track!) and he will be experimenting with multiple
cars in one lane

"I am very excited about the digital command control that is coming to
slot-cars.  We have had DCC for a while in model railroad - allowing
constant current and then decoders in each loco, giving the ability run
multi trains on the same track without having complex block wiring.

I was already trying to work out how to retrofit model railroad DCC
components into the cars when I read about the big guns all releasing DCC
systems this summer.

With this in mind I am going with sinlge lanes in tight areas and dual lanes
in some of the straight aways.  Then I am thinking of some kind of lane
switch mechanism to force the following car to take the other lane."

email Paul with any comments or questions
And here is the traffic circle I have in the town center..!! :) And
depending how you throw the car around, it will either keep tracking
around the fountain, or if you let off will go straight and you are
on your way
The simplicity of implimenting DCC for model railroad is what lends
the equipment so easily to slot cars.

Each train (car) has a decoder - and you just program a unique
address into the decoder (I use the number on the car) and dial that
address up on the controller - and away you go.  :)

Here you can see the addresses dialed into the controllers... #96
and #21
This is a Z scale decoder in a MRRC Cobra
And finally - the Digitrax control station.