This track (and the small one, upright in the corner) I made last spring, as a test before I start working with a group of
pupils (12-15) at my school to build a school track. Its a copper tape track on a 1.10m x 2.40m MDF sheet (for easy
transportation, it just fits into my car). The black surface is chalkboard paint which gives good traction. Kerbstones
are made of cut up red and white insulation tape. It took about 3 weekends to complete. At this point I would like to
thank Archer Raceways for making so much informations available online for me to study before I started.
Second part of my project is to build cheap cars. The second photo is a compilation of some of the stages of car
building. With the cheapest front and rear axle, a brandless engine and a pickup (6 Euro/Dollar all together) and
some popsicle wood and wood glue this car (50 grams) outruns every ready build car I own. Aligning the engine
with the rear axle is a bit tricky but ones I got I right it worked fine
I am still working on a solution to produce my own simple resin or lexan (or something similar) body shells. My
first attempt with epoxy wasn't very promising.

Coming year the plan is to build a extended 3-lane MDF track and more cars. Pupils input will determine as much
of the outcome as possible. I will keep you informed of future developments
Just finished building the new 3-slots school track.
Students are still working on the wooden slotcars,
I used the autumn break to do the hard (?) work of building the track,
Students will build the scenery on the empty plots around the track.
We also started a website to keep everybody up to date.

or, directly to the right page (the site unfortunatley is all in dutch)

Here are some pictures of the new track:
Please email Peter with any comments or questions