I would like to submit my humble track to your customer gallery. Without your kit, this never
would have come to fruition!  Your DVD was incredibly informative and made it look easy
enough for me to take the plunge (pun intended).

My track is a 3 laned road course with about 80' in lap length.  It features 2 cross-overs,
multiple squeezes, and functional pit lanes.  It is AC powered and is a complete blast to
drive!  I have had so much fun driving it, I've delayed doing any scenery to this point.  I'll
have to stop slacking off and get on it!

Please feel free to use any of the pictures on my website as I'm not sure which ones you'd
like for the gallery.  http://www.rmsresins.com/html/newtrack/newpdrconstruction.htm

Thanks again for all of your help and the great kit you provide!

David Reinecke
Reinecke MotorSports
Please contact David with any comments of questions