This track became operational Friday, November 12.  It was to be Rick's winter project, but he got the bug bigtime
and got it operational in 3 weeks.  It has 4 lanes and Magnatech braid was used for some additional downforce.  
The lanes bunch up in a couple of places and have knocked quite a few cars out of their slot.  I think it's about 95
feet.  We enjoyed this as a family already and can't wait for the next holiday when all the "boys' wil be home.  The
lane spacing allows for 1/24th scale cars.  Thanks to your site and others for some great information.
"The son-in-law"
Here are some updated pics.  There are some tires made from foam tubing around the track (I will send a
picture), more sidewalls and additional decorating in process now.  Fast laps are now in the sevens.  There
have been some elevation adjustments that have quickened the pace.  Thirteen guys showed up to race the
other night.