We use Woodlands Scenics plaster cloth, cut into 3
or 4" strips, to cover all the aluminum mesh and the
bigger gaps in the foam. It sets up faster if you use
hot water
The retaining wall gets a base coat of brown latex
The rockface gets a base coat of grey latex paint.
Caution, anything other than water based paint will
eat the styrofoam!
We used a black felt pen to draw the bricks. If you
just draw two sides of the brick, it will look like a
drop shadow.
The plaster cloth gets a base coat of light brown
latex and we sprinkle grass powder on while the
paint is still wet. Dab some grey on the roadway
edge and sprinkle with gravel.
Grass, gravel, sand, etc can be found in many
different colors at most hobby shops.
This is meant to look like a washed out hillside. Add
a bit of light brown and sprinkle a bit of grass to
break up the grey rockface.
Now you can add a guardrail, some bushes or
trees, roadsigns, spectators...whatever you like. The
fine detailing can go on forever.