Hey guys,
I'd like to thank Luf for hosting this awesome website!  It has been  
a source of inspiration to me for many years.  In autumn 2009 I began  
construction of my first routed track, Woodland Trace Raceway.

The Trace is constructed from 3/8" thick mdf and 7/32" X 1 mil copper  
tape.  It has 4 lanes with an average lap length of approximately 88  
feet.  I used Luf's lexan routing strip and tape laying tools in it's  
The surface is 3 coats of Rust-Oleum Magnetic Latex Primer followed  
by a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum Black Chalkboard Paint.  The  
magnetic primer gave the track a very realistic surface texture but  
no noticeable downforce.  
Power is provided by a Pyramid PS26K 22 Amp unit.  There are two  
electrical taps into the track.  Driver's stations were built by  
Steve Sawtelle at Slot Car Corner.
Cars can be run in either direction but we most often run them  
I wanted to incorporate certain elements of Monza, Laguna Seca  
(especially the corkscrew) and Sebring into the track, but the real  
inspiration for the Trace came from the many fine circuits that I've  
seen displayed here on the pages of oldslotracer.com.
There's also a lot of landscaping left to do but that will progress  
slowly as it's just too much fun to drive.  If you're into slots (and  
you obviously are) and you ever find yourself near Winston-Salem, NC  
look me up.  I'm always glad to meet new racers.
Best regards,
Please contact Steve with any comments or questions