My name is Tom Bastian. I live in Aachen (near Cologne, Germany). 4 weeks
ago I "finished" my own first wooden track. It's made of 16 mm MDF and has 2
copper taped lanes.
The plate is about 2,20 x 1,60 m and can be separated into 2 pieces which
fits in the back of my car. (Trees can be torn out for transport.) The power
supply is adjustable - you can choose between 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 Volts.

The form of the track follows my own initials which - I thought - was a good
idea .... but it took a long time (and some work for the router) to make it
run properly in both lanes.
Meanwhile I'm building some 'mountains' at the edge of my track (pics will
follow) and I got some very nice ideas for the next raceway(s) to build -
inspired by your outstanding website.
Please contact Tom with any questions or comments