NOT A SLOTCAR...but I finally got to see a real Porsche 917 in action. It's one of the cars used in Steve
McQueen's LeMans....the clip is just over 2 minutes and about 10mb
We were on Driving TV today, Mar 6, on episode 203
And this one is from
Dec 2000 on Global...warning, it's 23MB
Box stock Carrera Nascars on our Downstairs track
The same
Carreras on the Bullring
Chevrons on the Bullring
Open wheeled cars on the Speedway for the first time
Open wheeled cars in slow motion on the Speedway
OLDER Track videos
In-car camera driving part way up the hill, approx
600kbThe camera car
follows 4 cars
Four cars chase the camera car
lurid sliding, just the way we like it!
Five cars
through the village
Watching the Targa Florio through a window
Deathrace 2003 on Roger's track
One lap of the "Upstairs" track with 5 VMG CanAm cars
One lap or our "Downstairs" track with 4 VMG CanAm cars
SloMo of two cars battling on our downstairs track
"the Hillclimb King" driving a stock Ninco Jaguar
good action on our oval...the track is gone, but it was a blast
With 4 second laps, everybody ignored the squeezes, but it kept the
marshalls busy
The oval was the only track we marshalled...had some very
exciting racing
One lap of the Targa track with the in-car camera
DP Slot cars doing battle on the Targa
Night racing at Iceman's track in Everett
In-car camera on the New Targa...Clip 1, 3.2mb...Clip 2, 6.3mb...Clip 3, 3.7mb...
Clip 4, 7.5mb...Clip 5, 3.3mb...Clip 6, 6.6mb...Clip 7, 6.3mb
Various Targa corners...7.7mb
Duke drives the
Carrera Jaguar, once at full speed and once at 3/10 slo-mo
One lap in slow motion...5.1mb
Jaguar again, different angles...5.1mb
close-ups of the Jag...2.8mb

Vanquish CanAm cars on our downstairs track...
Clip 1, 3.0mb...Clip 2, 8.2mb...
Clip 3, 3.6mb...Clip 4, 5.3mb...Clip 5, 5.2mb...Clip 6, 5.6mb...Clip 7, 4.8mb
We ran a bunch of the CPR Proxy cars on the Ring as requested. Not racing, strictly for the camera.
Sorry about the sound quality
2009 CPR cars doing some laps, starting with the slowest cars

We had an IROC race with
Don's Citroen 2CVs, pretty funny, but tense racing
If these videos take too long to download, try
here and here