A few years ago Arno ordered the necessary from you to route a wooden track for our
Here is the lay-out we made back then.  
Arno finished the routing very fast, but then the finishing went into the freezer.  But now
we are back on track.  I include some pictures of our project.  The track will be 30 meters
long.  We plan to finish it beginning of september as we only work on the track on friday
Please email Willy with any comments or questions
Already a year ago i send you some pictures of our track in progress.  Since then we had a
lot of fun on it.  All the guest drivers and members of our club are delighted by the lay-out
and the fact that the cars drive so nice on wood.
Club evenings are every friday evening.  We already hosted 2 national races this year. Both
scale 1.32 and in september and october we will host 2 races of cars on 1.24 the scale.
Here is a picture of our track and 2 of the " Hsitoric Tin top fun cup", trying to reproduce some
historic touring car action.