I already noticed that you published my small an humble track. Thank you very much! I’m
proud to be part of the community.

Since I followed the development of your Nürburgring in the forums I also know why it took
some time – boy that is sooo impressive! I was close to selling the router, put all my cars
away and crawling back up the tree I came from. I’m sending you proudly pictures of my
clumsy efforts while you are building one of the most impressive tracks I’ve ever seen....

But I didn’t loose heart and I made use of the x-mas holidays. I started my little
DeskTopParkingLot–track (DTPL).

It’s made of 16mm MDF 160 x 80 cm. Reinforced by aluminum profiles for double
functioning as desk in my home office. Track length is 6,87 m. Everything worked quite
well and the experience of my little “eight one hundred” helped a lot. (BTW: My lexan strip
I got from the apprenticeship-workshop of my company. Hope you forgive me that
plagiarism ...)

I did the routing in the little shed of our 150 years old half timbered house at minus 5
degree Celsius – inside. Everything else I did in my office (what is also our

The track is fun. Next improvement would be timing but I’m still looking for a cheap and
simple timing device for a one-laner.

I wasn’t yet finished when I already started planning the next track. I imagine a 2 or 3 lane
track somewhere in-between Robert Schleichers classical Paramount Ranch and your
Portable track. It should have a reasonably long straight, a chicane, some elevation, a
lagune seca like corkscrew turn and some scenery.
Please contact Wulf with any comments or questions